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Extreme Money aims to smooth out market fluctuations and predict trend changes.

The algorithm shows the turning points in the market and uses multiple filters to present the best potential turning points. Although this is its core functionality, Extreme Money also incorporates a series of popular other indicators (see below) allowing full identification of trends on the chart.

The tool aims to calculate market strength and then show potential turning points in the market signalled with small circles. Once the trend confirmation has changed, the algorithm signals a circle, giving the trader the potentially desired entry with an audible or pop-up alert if needed. The more circles there are when setting up the entry, the greater the chances of a trend reversal.

This algorithm can be used on all time intervals, as well 5, 15 or 30 minutes but it is particularly recommended on the 1H, 2h and 4H intervals for maximum efficiency. The indicator works as well for swing-trading as for intra-day trading: whatever the time interval selected, it filters potential entries with great precision.

The algorithm can also be used with any cryptocurrency or currency pairs from traditional markets, the parameters of the algorithm can be customized and adapted without difficulty.

Extreme Money also includes 8 indicators assembled in a single script, which can be activated or deactivated manually:
1) Algo (main indicator)
2) EMA
3) Hull
4) Trend
5) Pivots
6) Trend line
7) VWAP Line
8) RSI Swing

Benefits :
- Notifies the trader of potential entries
- Color coded entries for buying and selling
- Creates cluster signals at potential turn points
- Aims to avoid market noise
- Used on all types of timefames
- Analyze the current market trend
- Assists in Predicting Market Turn Points
- Cryptocurrency, FX, stock indices and gold trades
- Maximize profits
- Analyzed market strength and weakness
Notes de version: Notes de version: *** MINOR UPDATE (v1.1) ***

Optimised the Alert system that is now fully functional.
- Period 22 and Sell Signal 74 initial values were changed.
Added some new values to get better efficiency with the turning points detection algo.

Always wait for the candle to close to validate the signal.
Notes de version:
  • Significant improvement and optimization of the trend indicator
    Added new indicator showing support and resistance levels
    Changes made to the settings interface for a better display and better organization
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hello sir.. please allow me to use this indicator..
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