Hello everyone,

I noticed that many people try to compare SHORTS and LONG positions (see:ETHUSDSHORTS and ETHUSDLONGS ), and the available indicators don't sufficiently highlight the balance of power .

That's why I programmed this indicator to answer this need ( which I also have ! ).

His ETHUSDSHORTS - ETHUSDLONGS crossover indicator e of power

I think you will understand quickly how it works, it's easy :

- If the histogram is negative, the color is red and that means that there are more BTCUSDSHORTS than ETHUSDLONGS
- If the histogram is positive, the color is green and that means that there are more ETHUSDLONGS than ETHUSDSHORTS

A small cross (red or green) appears when the power balance is reversed.

Have a good day.
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Naïm Boubziz