Dual Volatility Stop

This merges Volatility Stop & its MTF version both published by u/TradingView . Background is colored green or red when both the current timeframe Vstop and higher timeframe Vstop point in same direction. Aim is to take the standard Vstop script which differentiates market from only uptrend/downtrend to uptrend/downtrend/sideways. There is a tradeoff with this, that there is no need for the Vstop to be always in a position which reduces trade time & frees up capital. However this leads to situations where it takes slightly more time to catch on to a trend after a reversal.

Green Background = Buy
Red Background = Sell
No Background = Flat
Notes de version: removed unneccesary code
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Thank You!
+2 Répondre
I am new pls help me with how to inout the code since it is half only. Could you pls send me the indicator to my email gopalsanthanam29@gmail.com. Thans for your help.
+1 Répondre
zzzcrypto123 gopalsanthanam29
@gopalsanthanam29, just click add to favorite scripts then select in chart window from favorites option
+1 Répondre
Very nicely done. Can you tell me if the background is prone to repaint?
+1 Répondre
zzzcrypto123 toxguy749s
@toxguy749s, no repaint
toxguy749s zzzcrypto123
@zzzcrypto123, Thank you! Again, nice work.
+1 Répondre
zzzcrypto123 toxguy749s
@toxguy749s, you're welcome
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