[OZ]MTF Ichimoku Cloud

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Based on this script from RicardoSantos:
This script can display Ichimoku cloud , SSA , SSB , Chikou, Kijun and Tenkan from another time frame.
With it you can apply Karen Péloille's MTF Ichimoku Kinko Hyo advanced trading techniques on TradingView.

By default Tenkan is not displayed (fully transparent).
The original script has been enhanced to draw the full cloud beyond the price and to draw the Chikou.
Notes de version: New version with smoothed lines reflecting the real ones on the other time frame.
A nasty side effect is the cloud cannot be filled due to a limitation in the script engine so the SSA and SSB are plotted with joined circles for better visibility.

WARNING ! This script does not work with stocks symbols : The cloud is not on the right place.
It works fine with cryptos, forex and any symbol without night breaks.
Script open-source

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