RSI-VWAP Indicator %


Simple and effective script that, as you already know, uses vwap as source of the rsi , and with good results as long as the market has no long-term downtrend.

RsiVwap = rsi ( vwap (close), Length)

The default settings are for BTC in a 30 minute time frame. For other pairs and time frames you just have to play with the settings.


• The option to start trading from a certain date has been added.
• To make the profit more progressive, a percentage of your equity is used for entries and a percentage of your position is used for closings.
• The option to trade in Spot mode has been added, since, for the TradingView backtest, the money is infinite and if you do not limit it somehow,
it would offer you much better profits than the live trading.

QuantityOnLong = Spot ? (EquityPercent / 100) * ((strategy.equity / close) - strategy.position_size) : (EquityPercent / 100) * (strategy.equity / close)

• The option to stop the system when the drawdown exceeds the fixed limit has been added.
Drawdown, as you already know, is a very important measure of risk in trading systems.
The maximum drawdown will tell us what the maximum loss of a trading system has been during a period. This maximum loss is determined by:

strategy.risk.max_drawdown(Risk, strategy.percent_of_equity)

• Leverage plotted on labels added.


To enjoy the benefits of automatic trading, TradingView alerts can be used as direct buy-sell orders on spot, or long-close orders with leverage.
Currently there are Chrome extensions that act as a bridge between TradingView and your Exchange or Broker.
This is an example of syntax for this type of extensions. Copy and paste a message like this into the alert window:

{{strategy.order.action}} @ {{strategy.order.price}} | e = {{exchange}} a = account s = {{ticker}} b = {{strategy.order.action}} {{strategy.order.alert_message}}


Certain Risks of Live Algorithmic Trading You Should Know:
• Backtesting cannot assure actual results.
• The relevant market might fail or behave unexpectedly.
• Your broker may experience failures in its infrastructure, fail to execute your orders in a correct or timely fashion or reject your orders.
• The system you use for generating trading orders, communicating those orders to your broker, and receiving queries and trading results from your broker may fail.
• Time lag at various point in live trading might cause unexpected behavior.
• The systems of third parties in addition to those of the provider from which we obtain various services, your broker, and the applicable securities market may fail or malfunction.


Thanks to TradingView, its Pine code, its community and especially those Pine wizards who post their ideas that helps us to learn.

If the world is heading toward a equitable new world economic order, let's get rich first ...

Happy trading!
Notes de version: Margin added to have an approximation

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