Ehlers Instantaneous Trendline V1 [CC]

The Instantaneous Trendline was created by John Ehlers (Rocket Science For Traders pgs 109-110) and this indicator is perfect for determining the medium to long term trend. Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when it is red. I will be introducing a different version of this indicator which is perfect for short term trends so these will pair great together.

Let me know if there are other scripts you would like to see me publish or if you want something custom done!
Script open-source

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Please let us know the short term trades (intraday) indicator. Thanks
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Appreciate it. Works great so far on 4 hourly. Im going to be doing some experiments with this and I’ll publish the results.
@Fontnaut, how are those results
hey can you combine your v1 and v2 of this script into a single script? it would be most appreciated :)
Hi, can u plz for example VFX alert signal base on trading view RSI indicator Heatmap multiple times script. Plz send me script
could we have a buy label on the candle when its green and sell label on the candle when the line turns red please
@biswad, I can experiment and add that. I haven't done buy and sell labels yet so just have to figure it out
No repainting right?

Hows my solar cycle MA coming : )))