COVID-19: Daily momentum

This indicator shows 14-days moving average of daily rate of change (momentum, acceleration), in other words:

- up trends means that virus accelerates at the rate displayed on the right scale
- consolidation/horizontal movement - virus spreads at constant rate
- down trend - virus looses momentum IMPORTANT: the virus STILL accelerates but at a lower rate

By default the graphic displays World vs. EU vs. US vs. Asia while individual countries are available in Settings.

- EU includes the following countries (DE, FR , IT, ES, CH), all with more than 10k confirmed cases and more than 1k new daily infections.
- Asia includes CH and KR

To use the indicator it is important to disconnect main chart from the right scale, on main chart click on More (the 3 dots) -> Pin to scale -> Select "No Scale".
Notes de version: # Changelog

## 0.0.2 - 2020-04-02

### Added
- Netherlands (NL) - more than 1k new cases / day
- Belgium (BE) - more than 1k new cases / day
- Austria (AT) - more than 10k total cases

### Changed
- rename main function momentum

### Removed
- population texts
Notes de version: # Changelog

## 0.0.3 - 20200406

### Added
- Portugal, PT - with more than 10k total cases

### Changed
- refactoring and DRY the code
- adjust labels' position
Notes de version: Adding Iran, Turkey, India, Indonesia, each of them with over 1k deaths
Notes de version: Remove COVID19 prefix, fix GB series' name
Notes de version: Fix GB data source name.
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