High and Low Fibonacci Pivot Points

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This is a standard fibonacci retracement level indicator and free to use for all. I couldn't find any decent retracement levels that works for me (and definitely wasted money on paid script access that didn't work so well for my trading style), so I created this for my own use and now sharing it with the TradingView community. Fibonacci retracement levels help traders predict key areas where a stock/security may find support or resistance. The common ratios are available, such as 23.6, 38.2, 61.8 and so forth . You can choose from Day, Week or Month for your fibonacci retracement lines. In order to keep in sync with my particular style of keeping charts nice and clean, I've created this indicator with defaults to use friendly color schemes. You can of course, choose another color, etc... that fits your own taste. All of my published scripts utilize TradingView's version 5 scripting.

Main Features:
- Show or hide pre-market high and lows (the pre-market high & lows are hidden by default)
- Show or hide the 1-hour 20 EMA line (hidden by default, as this is more uncommon than the 1-hour 50 EMA line for potential support or resistance)
- Show or hide the 1-hour 50 EMA line
- Show or hide the fibonacci retracement lines (the 50% line is hidden by default)
- Option to allow the fibonacci retracement lines to start out the first few minutes of market open to use the pre-market high & low. Once the stock/security price breaks either the pre-market high or pre-market low, it reverts to using the day's high and low. This only works on chart timeframes under the daily time frame.

All customizable settings have a help/info window. Please refer to the help/info window, if you're unsure of what a setting does what. Also, note that I wrote and published this script after market close, so I haven't had the chance to check/test if everything works, which can only be fully verified during market open hours (for non-crypto securities).

* Please note that this script is in its early beta stage and there could be bugs. This is being provided as is and the information provided by this script is meant for informational/entertainment purposes only.
Notes de version: Disabled the option to have the fibonacci lines set at pre-market high & low in the first few minutes of market open. I've discovered there was a bug and worked on the fix, but it wasn't consistent between various intraday charts.
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