trend folowing study

► Description
This strategy is based on the famous turtle system and tried to stay true
to the rules within the confines of what pinescript will allow me to do.

So i have adapt that pinescript and the code to the lower timeframe which was not the system of the turtle system.
The ATR and the lookback is adapt to the lower timeframe and is reducing the risk on the trade.

This indicator is based on the study mode with alert on long, short and exits.

The turtle system, is meanly a breaking trend following study use on fix low timeframe for certain pair and in day pair that you would like.
So in other word the system is trying to catch the next big pump or dump and ride it.
So it show the next trade to take manually or even automatically and the next take profit also to set up.
The next trade is automatically recalculate so the ideal is to take the next trade when the signal is close to the market price.

► Strategy results
The result exposed on exemple are based on the reversal only. The recommanded strategy is to used the Take Profit(TP) to limit the risk on each trade.
The TP receommanded are 0,3;1;5;10% set as default but you could modify it at you own caution in the settings.
The exemple you should take profit.
The setting and the paire trade must be selected in the setting.

► Configuration
So there is a window who show you the trade in progress, and on the bottom the trade to take at the bottom.
This trade at the bottom keep changing with the time so the best is to set up a alert with long and short to keep you posted.
The paires have a specific configuration, so you will need to select the trading pair and the timeframe to execute the script.

► Vendor requirements
PM us to obtain access
Notes de version: LTC paire update
Notes de version: Try to reduce the number of trade/day
Notes de version: UPdate on the YFI EOS BTC45
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I'm excited to try this!! Thank you
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