Multi timeframe Stochastic RSI Screener by noop42

Here is a custom x4 timeframes Stochastic RSI screener to add on your charts.

  • Repaint mode : if enabled: values are updated in live, if disabled: values are updated once the concerned candle is closed

Default parameters
  • Timeframes: 1, 5, 15, 60
  • Repaint mode: enabled

Use the lowest timeframe configured on the screener to get real values
A classic x3 multi-timeframe Stochastic RSI indicator is also available
Notes de version: This update includes the indicator and the screener I previously developed.

  • The oscillator prints the fourth timeframe which have already been included in the screener
  • The screener is now including a warning field to show overbought/oversold signals convergence, which could indicate an incoming movement reversal (Warnings are calculated on the three lowest timeframes (the highest is ignored))
  • Warnings are calculated on the three lowest timeframes (the highest is ignored)
  • The screener can be disabled
  • Overbought and Oversold signals are now based on the average value between K and D lines
  • Up and Down triangles have been added to the oscillator to show OB/OS convergences
  • Visual improvements

Note: This is an indicator, not a complete and trustable strategy

Hope you'll enjoy it :)
Notes de version: Updates

  • A column showing each timeframe's RSI value has been added to the screener
  • Floating values have been limited to only 2 digits after the comma
  • A second warning field concerning the three lowest timeframes' RSI have been added to show OB/OS convergences
Notes de version: Update

  • New option to select which timeframe(s) must be taken into consideration for convergence signals (Selected timeframes can be distinguished in the screener, followed by a * char in the timeframes column).
  • If you plan to use the screener only and to move it on your main chart, you can now disable displays of stochastic rsi lines and zones. (thx to @EtCrt for the idea)
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