Library "loxxvarietyrsi"
7 varieties of RSI used in Loxx's indicators and strategies. Default is "rsi_rsi" which is just TV's built int ta. rsi () function.
  • "rsi_rsi" is regular ta. rsi ()
  • "rsi_slo" is slowed down version of regular RSI
  • "rsi_rap" is ta. rsi () but uses SMA instead of RMA, this is the same as Cuttlers RSI
  • "rsi_har" is Michael Harris RSI , but a word of "warning". I left the Harris' rsi in the choices of rsi , but be advised that, due to the way how Harris rsi is calculated, if price filtering is used (ie: some randomness is taken away from price series) Harris RSI tends to produce results that can be "surprising" at the least in some cases. Even though Harris RSI is good when it comes to natural (semi-random) price usage, keep in mind what happens if the prices are filtered and why it happens
  • "rsi_rsx" is Jurik's RSX
  • "rsi_cut" is ta. rsi () but uses SMA instead of RMA, this is the same as Rapid RSI
  • "rsi_ehl" is Ehles' Smoothed RSI

rsiVariety(rsiMode, src , per)
  method for returning 1 of 7 different RSI calculation outputs.
    rsiMode: string, rsi mode, can be 1 of 7 of the following: "rsi_rsi", "rsi_slo", "rsi_rap", "rsi_har", "rsi_rsx", "rsi_cut", "rsi_ehl"; defaults to "rsi_rsi"
    src: float, source, either regular source type or some other caculated value.
    per: int, period lookback.
  Returns: float RSI .
rsiVariety("rsi_rsi", src , per)

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