Customizable Daily EMAs (up to 8)

This indicator provides you with up to 8 different EMAs that are customizable.
You can specify how many EMAs you want on the chart (up to a maximum of 8), as well as the length and color of each EMA . In addition, the resolution of all EMAs can also be customized - by default all EMAs follow the Daily timeframe but you could set this to any timeframe you want or you could choose for it to follow the timeframe chart as most other EMA Indicators do.

The reason for creating this indicator is because I was looking for Daily EMAs, but wanted to view the chart in a different time period without the EMA lines themselves changing. In addition, I wanted to view ample EMAs at once, and have the ability to change their length as I see fit.

You can see this demonstrated on the 4-hour chart above. Despite the chart being a 4 hourly chart, the EMAs are Daily EMAs.
In the example above all 8 EMAs have been activated, but you could turn any of these off to suit your own preferences.

The default EMAs are set to the following: 20, 50, 100, 200, 5, 9, 13, 26.
The First 4 are ideal for longer-term targets, while the smaller timeframes are more suited to short-term trading targets.

I have made this script Open-source for anybody to view, copy and modify if they need.
Script open-source

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