Nth-Occurrence Custom barssince() Function by Cryptorhythms [CR]

Nth-Occurrence Custom barssince() Function by Cryptorhythms

The vanilla barssince() function in pine only finds the number of bars since the most recent occurrence of the condition. This version allows you to specify an Nth occurrence back to check the bars since! Its also a nice little one liner.

I really hope you enjoy it and if you're looking for more, this is our 79th script on TV, so there is plenty to choose from!

Let me know in the comments if you create anything useful from this or think of anyway to improve it!
Script open-source

Dans le plus pur esprit de TradingView, l'auteur de ce texte l'a publié en open-source, afin que les traders puissent le comprendre et le vérifier. Bravo à l'auteur ! Vous pouvez l'utiliser gratuitement, mais la réutilisation de ce code dans une publication est régie par les règles internes. Vous pouvez le mettre en favori pour l'utiliser sur un graphique.

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This is a crazy good gem. Love it! Elegant, simple, brilliant and raw beauty. Thanks for this.
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Bloody Brilliant.
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This is outstanding, thanks man!
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Thank you So much @theheirophant :) this script / code helped me to achieve my goal of building an indicator that I can adjust to begin from the Nth Occurrence
awesome work !!! I am so great full that you published this
as a total programming and pinescript noob people like you make my dreams possible

My goal was to start a part of an indicator on a Nth Occurrence
I could not be successful with out the help and hard work of the Pine script giants or Legends that came before me

I have been trying for over 8 days to build what I wanted to
this was the break though I needed

Thank you kindly :) X infinity !!!
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@iamthree, thanks for letting me know mate. comments like this make my day!
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amazing stuff. always so helpful!
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This publication will be featured in our "Best Scripts of The Month" selection. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the TradingView community, and congrats!
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Amazing and elegant implementation! Thanks for sharing ;)
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what is the usage of this?
theheirophant alirezakaj
@alirezakaj, you would use it in the same places that you would use barssince(). But with this version you can choose the barssince the third occurrence, or the 12th. In terms of trading there are tons of places you can use something like this. It simply counts how many bars have passed since the specified condition occurred.
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