ON9 strategy (with >80% accuracy and won't repaint) 酒田戰法精粹

I finished this code in 9 lines, and it also with 80% accuracy... So I call it "ON9 strategy".
本人只用了9行編碼完成了這策略, 而且具有80%準成度... 相當戇鳩, 所以我稱佢為 "ON9 strategy".
Notes de version: Here comes the latest UPDATE :) enjoy~
Notes de version: UPDATED version added input "Price Frame", which is useless xD ...
New version make sure NO REPAINT after the "Time" you set in this strategy.
For example, if you set the "Time" to 1 hour, and the signal apper NOW --- if this signal not change for an hour, so thats TRUE, either it's fake.
Notes de version: Newest version with no delay, no repaint, and not just "9 lines" :)
Notes de version: This updated version is the confirmation of NO DELAY and NO REPAINT,
but the time interval of chart must be bigger than the setting of this indicator,
please kindly tune the strategy setting for every single market,
cos every single market got their own period and price level,
this may cos the misleading signal appear, feel free to PM me for more info. :)
Notes de version: Here is the evolution of the "ON9 Strategy" --- Ultimate Simple Strategy :)
Notes de version: Some of my FDs and follower PM me that they want the original "ON9 strategy" for long-term trading,
please aware that this version of "ON9 strategy" will repaint badly when you used for short-term trading.
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hi sir can you grant me access
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I don't understand. In the title you say "won't repaint" but then in the description you say "will repaint badly" :(
Hi, it's a very nice job, but as you claimed it does not repaint, but bars disappear after a wrong signal.
Can you do something about it? Just witnessed today 28/12/2018.

I like the strategy a lot. Let me know.

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Could I have access to this? Thanks.
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Hi May I please try the code?
+1 Répondre
May I please try the code?
Thank you.
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How can i add an alarm when system genereta a new signal ?
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Hi, can i try ? Really nice job.
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The strategy looks as if it works great but I've had up on a chart for an entire session and it on lost every trade. Once I refreshed my screen it moved the buy and sell signals to winning positions and cleared the losing trades. Is it just me or is that not good?
N0S41NT amillio
@amillio, it repaints
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