Simple and efficient MACD crypto strategy with risk management

Today I am glad to bring you another great creation suited for crypto markets.

Its a simple and efficient strategy, designed for crypto markets( btcusd , btcusdt and so on), and suited for for higher time charts : like 1hour, 4hours, 1 day and so on.
Preferably to use 1h time charts.

MACD with simple moving average

For entries we have :
We check the direction with MACD . Depending if its an uptrend and positive level on histogram of MACD we go long, otherwise we go short.

In this strategy we use a stop loss based on our equity. For this example I choosed a 2% risk .That means if our account has 100.000 eur, it will automatically close the trade if we lose 2.000.
We dont use a take profit level.
In this example also we use a 100.000 capital account, risking 5% on each trade, but since its underleveraged, we only use 5000 of that ammount on every trade. With leveraged it can be achieved better profits and of course at the same time we will encounter bigger losses.
The comission applied is 5$ and a slippage of 5 points aswell added.

For any questions or suggestions regarding the script , please let me know.
Script open-source

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when do you exit the trade?
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how do you set alerts for this?