Trender is a popular trailing stop indicator on the Bloomberg system and since I didn't have source code to work with, this is a close approximation of that indicator. Let me know if you spot any discrepancies and I will adjust accordingly.

This indicator is a trailing stop system along with a trend confirmation. When the blue line falls below the black line, that is a confirmation of a down trend and when it rises above the black line, it is a confirmation of an up trend. When the trender line is above the price, then that means the stock is in a general down trend and vice versa. I have color coded the trender line to show you when to buy or sell that stock to keep it easy.

This was a special request so let me know if you want to see more scripts from me or if you want something custom!
Notes de version: fixed a small typo
Notes de version: updated to make it consistent with my other indicators
Notes de version: updated an issue with the inputs
Notes de version: fixed issue with default resolution
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I use this script version: Trender & mov avg Jayy update
I don't have access to Bloomberg so I can't compare your script to theirs, but looking at the chart you published and the version mentioned above I have a feeling that something is not ok.
cheatcountry sal157011
@sal157011, feel free to use whichever version you would like. neither one of us has the exact source code for the bloomberg indicator so this is simply my personal interpretation
Appreciate your work sir!
@Chakku, thank you!
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