LTF Signal with KTS Confirmation

LTF Signal with Ichimoku KTS Confirmation

If you cant to learn more about ichimoku and KTS strategy from Forex Kei trader.

This indicator is based in multiple indicators. I will try to explain how it works.


The only input is the major trend resolution. This is for Ichimoku and KTS trend confirmation


This script provide sell or buy signals provided on some condition explained just below

Mandatory conditions

  • Ichimoku KTS : kumo up, SSA or SSB up and kijun up or kumo down, SSA or SSB down and kijun down
  • RSI or Accumulation/Distribution should be rising or falling
  • Price should be moving up or down
  • Price should have break previous 6 candles high or low
  • 2 optional conditions explained below

optional conditions

  • EMA 9 should have crossed EMA 21
  • Price should have crossed SMA 50
  • Stochastic 30 10 10 should have gold cross
  • Price should have cross vwap

The signals are triggered if all mandatory conditions are filled and at least 2 optional conditions
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