DR/IDR of Omega by TRSTN

This is an EXPERIMENTAL Script by @TRSTNGLRD derived from the coding of @IAmMas7er's "DR/IDR" Indicator that adds a total of 11 additional DR / IDR Ranges on both lower and higher timeframes.
This script is no-longer being worked on, so I have made it public.

This Script utilizes the Fibonacci-Doubling Sequence between the range of 18:30pm and 16:55pm NY-Time. Each Cycle is grouped into the following:
Omega/2, Omega/4, Omega/8, and Omega/16

The Mas7er's three original sessions are: Omega/4v1, Omega/4v2, and Omega/8v1
These three Sessions above take rule over all others. If you are looking to back-test this version of the script, please use the Experimental ranges as confirmation for the three above.

Important Notes:
- Please only select Sessions with their respected groups (All of Omega/4, All of Omega/16, etc...) rather than selecting all of them at once.
If you select all of them at once, the ranges will not be correct and cut each other off.
The only exceptions to this rule are the Mas7er's original ranges above.

- If you wish to have multiple groups of Ranges together, please add a second indicator to your chart.

- Omega/16v1 and Omega/16v6 are known to have a high-probability of a Judas Swing (takes out both sides of the range) - Be Cautious!

- Omega/2v1 is a very large DR / IDR range. I am working on shrinking it in size, but have more experimenting to do with different ranges.

- I do not use the experimental ranges with the IDR , only the DR . I have not been able to define probabilities fully yet, but the levels are respected nonetheless.
This script is not supposed to work EXACTLY like the Mas7er's, rather, generally instead.

Please comment and leave your opinion below about which ranges work the best and how you may utilize them.
Thank you!

Script open-source

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