Rainbow Oscillator

The Rainbow Oscillator is a technical indicator that shows prices in overbought or oversold areas. That allows you to catch the price reversal point.


.:: Dynamic levels ::.
The indicator consists of levels (price reversal zones) that correlate with each other with other fibonacci numbers. Each level causes the probability of a price reversal.
All levels are formed from existing non-smoothed oscillator values. This allows you not to fix turn zone thresholds, for example, -100 and 100, as is done in CCI
or the values ​​30 and 70 for the reversal zone in the RSI indicator. Dynamic levels adjust to the spikes in oscillator values ​​and allow you to find price reversal points more often and no less efficiently.

.:: Composite oscillator (3 in 1) ::.
The oscillator line consists of three measurements of the RSI , CCI , Stoch indicators at once in a wide percentage. At the same time, thanks to the settings, you can easily get rid of one of the indicators.

.:: CCI + RSI + Stoch ratio setting ::.
Each of the natural indicators has its own weight in the calculation formula: w2 * cci ( + w1 * ( rsi - 50) + (1 - w2 - w1) * ( stoch - 50), this allows you to see an oscillator to any of these various indicators or sharpness weight for each

.:: Smoothing levels and lines of the oscillator ::.
Smoothing the oscillator values ​​allows you to filter out the noise and get more accurate data. Stroking the levels allows you to adjust the delay of the inputs.

.:: Activity during APARTMENT ::.
Dynamic creation of levels allows you to find in the price reversal zone, even when the price is in a flat (flat)


.:: RSI weight / CCI weight ::.
Weight control coefficients for RSI and CCI indicators, respectively. When you set RSI Weight = 0, equalize the combo of CCI and Stoch , when RSI Weight is zero and CCI Weight is equal to the oscillator value will be plotted
only from Stoch . Intermediate values ​​have a high degree of measurement of each of the three oscillators in percentage terms from 0 to 100. The calculation uses the formula: w2 * cci ( + w1 * ( rsi - 50) + (1 - w2 - w1) * ( stoch - 50),
where w1 is RSI Weight and w2 is CCI Weight, Stoch weight is calculated on the fly as (1 - w2 - w1), so the sum of w1 + w2 should not exceed 1, in this case Stoch will work as opposed to CCI and RSI .

.:: Oscilloscope period ::.
This is the period of all oscillators, it is set by one parameter for all. Perhaps, in the expected versions, the periods will be configured separately.

.:: Oscilloscope M.A. Period ::.
Periodic smoothing of the oscillator line. Serves for finer tuning to eliminate noise. If you select a value of 0, smoothing is disabled and the Oscilloscope Samples setting will automatically stop working.

.:: Waveform samples ::.
setting allows you to set the amount of smoothing for the oscillator line. Oscilloscope MA type

.:: Oscilloscope MA Type ::.
Moving average frequency type for oscillator line sliding

.:: Level period ::.
Periodically moving averages used to form the levels (zone) of the Rainbow Oscillator indicator

.:: Level offset ::.
Additional setting for shifting levels from zero points. Can be useful for absorbing levels and filtering input signals. The default is 0.

.:: Redundant level ::.
It characterizes the severity of the state of the state at each iteration of the level of the disease. If set to 1 - the levels will not decrease when the oscillator values ​​fall. If it has a value of 0.99 - the levels are reduced by 0.01
each has an oscillator in 1% of cases and is pressed to 0 by more aggressive ones.

.:: Samples of smoothed levels ::.
setting allows you to set the number of strokes per level. Measuring the number of averages with the definition of the type of moving averages

.:: Type of MA level ::.
Type of moving average, average for the formation of a smoothing overbought and oversold zone
Notes de version:
  • Stochastic period fix
  • Signal circles fix
  • Changed colors
  • Default settings renew
  • Added customized weight for stochastic
  • Added two lines, fast and slow
  • Added trend indicators
  • Added trend filtering
  • Renew long and short signals

Notes de version:
  • Alerts added
Notes de version:
  • On chain LONGS and SHORTS ratio added as oscillator source data, it's may be configured for any instrument, ETH, XRP and other...

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