[astropark] Breaker Blocks, Supply Demand Order Blocks

Dear Followers,

today a new powerful indicator! Welcome to the great world of Breaker Blocks (BB) and Supply-Demand Order Blocks!

So what's the point? As always, the point is how to trade as safer as possible!

Breaker Blocks are price ranges where you simply have to wait for a pullback and sell-buy on its touch and price bounce, like in the screenshot below:

Supply and Demand are very important concepts, synonymous of Support and Resistance in most cases.
You should never sell whenever near a demand/ support zone , unless price breaks through it as too weak. The same for supply/resistance: you should not buy near resistance, as most times you may start a trade with very high losing risk.
Here a screenshot how indicator works showing supply and demand order blocks (just enable them from indicator's option):

This indicator
  • can analyze chart based on high-low candle prices or open-close one
  • can show you Breaker Blocks (BB)
  • can show you Supply & Demand Order Blocks (OB)
  • lets you decide if you want to see high-low or open-close range of each OB
  • lets you edit the analysis window
  • lets you see local tops and bottoms of price as labels

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.
Notes de version: Now you can edit lines' width and color!
Notes de version: Script upgraded again!
Now it highlights more Breaker Blocks (BB) than before!
Notes de version: Tool enhanced!
Now it's
  • easier to spot supply/demand zone, as you can choose to highlight only important levels (high/low, close prices) for supply & demand Order Blocks (OB)
  • easier to spot breaker blocks zone, for the same reason: draw only the most important levels
  • easier to change lines' color
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Just DM me


How does one get access to your script?
+4 Répondre
astropark Public_front
@Public_front, please check chat / DM
XolaniDlova astropark
@astropark, Also want in
+1 Répondre
babavel Public_front
+1 Répondre
Hello, what can I do to get this script?
+2 Répondre
Hello, I have spoken with Ezequiel Gurucharri and he has told me to speak with you to test your script on order blocks, can I try it?
+2 Répondre
Interested in using the supply and demand indicators. Can you please advise on how to aquire indicator. Thank
+2 Répondre
Would I still be able to try out the indicator?
+2 Répondre
Hi Bro, Please provide the access.. Thanks
+2 Répondre
Hi, Can you please advise on how to aquire indicator. Thanks
+2 Répondre
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