Welcome traders,

I have made this script wishing a higher gain,

Originally, this strategy is taken from Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

ChinkouPro crossing with price is giving a clear opportunity.
Review it, master it, work it.

first version

change log
  • Delete function of lazy trader { smooth candle }
  • Delete function of alert , { make alert from chart it's better }
  • Enjoy with it , and contact me for any reason :)
Script open-source

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// 150416 @TrendoBoom 
study(title="Chinkou_Pro", shorttitle="Ch_P", overlay=true)
src = input(close)
of = input(-9, title="Chinkou'-26'")
// color of 1:0
colo = close >= close[1] ? lime : red 
// plot for chinkou
plot(src, offset=of, transp=70, style=line, color=colo, title='Chinkou Span', linewidth=3)
// Have A Good Day .


nice idea for this.
I will give it a try and everything is allowed what works :)
Can you make a histo version to make it easier to backtest a security and to see the opportunities as soon as they appear.
thank you
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TrendoBoom andreas73
Hey ,
i didn't understand you :(
Love the simplicity and functionality. Thank you for sharing yours: Here's mine:
Any way that we can help each other with Ichimoku strategies?
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TrendoBoom TraderR0BERT
I like this idea ,