PI : BCHUSD 1H UPDATE - 08/07/2018

BITSTAMP:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
$BCHUSD 1H UPDATE - 08/07/2018
The sequence from 831.00 high has ended at 697.46 low within equal leg area, and from there bitcoincash bounced in a 3 waves for now. The third leg in this sequence is beyond 161.8% extension and a new high with RSI divergence would confirm the motive nature of the cycle from 697.46.
Right now and until 831.00 is broken to the upside, invalidation level to the upside is 650.00.
I bought 718.35 stop 640.00, and since we hit 780ish, stop has been raised below 697.46 to reduce risk. Target is 878.46 but because of the nature of the 4h and daily, I have decided to let run this trade with 4h target around 1,838.99 but you can take profit at 878.46
( I do that because I am already committed with ZRXUSD that will bring me profit in the 1h)

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Commentaire: is a buy in the green box, if stopped out, try again lower (15min execution)
Commentaire: 1H EUROPE UPDATE - 09/07/2018
view unchanged
Commentaire: 1H ASIA UPDATE - 10/07/2018
View unchanged but count modified. Do not insist in you were stopped out at previous level (15min means a lot more of lost trade and also winners if you can stay long enough in front of the computer - As said, not my style of trading)
Commentaire: 1H EUROPE UPDATE - 10/07/2018
bchusd is very heavy right now. if 697.46 fails to hold, we directly attack 650.00 and 599.39 as cycle from 697.46 seems completed here at 783.22. Change in count from yesterday makes move from 650.00 a corrective 3 waves so caution as the cycle in 4h from the highs might not be completed. Charts and comments will be updated in the trading idea for Europe
Commentaire: 1H EUROPE UPDATE - 11/07/2018
As explained in video, will stay sideline on this one.
Commentaire: 1H ASIA UPDATE - 12/07/2018
cycle from 08/07/2018 high is ended and therefore we should see a 3 waves bounce at least. Failure to take out 831.00 from current levels would result in bearish pressure on 650.00 and 599.49
Commentaire: 1H ASIA UPDATE - 16/07/2018
After marginal new low above 650.00, the pair bounced and is now showing potential for a 5 waves to the upside. For now, I will stay on the side line and wait for either a clear motive 5 waves to the upside in 1h and will buy the pullback OR wait for bullish sequence in 4h/.
Commentaire: 1H EUROPE UPDATE - 17/07/2018
nesting in 3rd leg so count and levels adjusted. view remains the same
Commentaire: 1H ASIA UPDATE - 18/07/2018
Commentaire: 1H ASIA UPDATE - 19/07/2018
cycle from 662.90 is completed at 889.40 and now cycle is being corrected. Question is either cycle from 650.00 was also completed. Preferred view is that it is not and we should continue higher. In what degree, we will see later when more data is provided.

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