Double Bottom ?

You'll never seen me 100% sure of an idea with my TA. Its a matter of probability as you guys know.
Im doing it to test my TA, and to argue with many traders. So,

I believe in this compt, i have it for a long time, and it worked pretty well. We've in a ABC correction, and the 5 waves going up ended with a double top, with a ending diagonal for the 5th wave. So, just using fibonnacci, we can have a bottom aroung 6k5, and it would do a double bottom, which is veeerry bullish for investor on long terme. The probability of this event is kinda high in my opinion, because all of the fibbonacci lead to this zone.
Which fibo ? The fibo on the big 5 waves going up with the 78.2% level. The 1:1 extention of fibonnacci from wave A. And the -61.8% level of the (not ended yet ) C who is still in formation.

Is there any elliott trader here ? What is your compt guys ?

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