🧠Remember: THE base on Trading.

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🙃 When I see all these desperate or panicked publications/posts, it makes you wonder if these people have just discovered #cryptos or if they are in complete denial...

 ↪️ We just finished the 2nd important wave of 📉 #BTC

 ⏰ Wake up and start with THE base ⤵

1) Have a proven Trading #method, thanks to 2 main #indicators of quality and evaluation of #Trading:
↪The “Profit Factor” (P.F.).
↪The "Max DrawDown" (M.D.D.).

2) Fix yourself:
➡ Trading #rules.
➡ Money-Management (M.M.) rules.
➡ rules to best manage your #Psychology.

✔️ This is THE base before you start.
✔️ This is THE base for the long term Trading.
✔️ This is THE basis to really share your experience.

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