Training Week 2 - Day 0 BTCUSDT

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Daily charts
Objective was to watch the market and try to identify point of interests

Thats what i'm going to do all this week
Take my time , and try to "decrypt" all of this

what i see on this chart ?
  • SSL has been captured (low side of the chart)
    Price have break the market structure take Old day BSL then start to consolidate.
    Watching the last H4 bear candle before the quick up movement it gives me the 4h orderblock
    Found a 1h orderblock just before the BIG bull candle ( 1h chart )
    The big move up leave some gap in the price that need to be filed
    I note where liquidity "pokemon"'s hiding ( SSL & BSL )

In this scenario i imagine that the price will go down to fill the liquidity void and the fair value gap , then at a fair value i expect it to push up and run above the Higher Lower High in a daily range where the price is moving.

Watch out for the liquidity around the actual price level .
Price can also drop , making a stop hunt then go up and not even going to fill the FVG at least not right now

Training diary

01 /10/2021 - 10:56NY time (gmt+4)

thank you for your reading
please know that your feedback is greatly appreciated and we can talk about these NOOB observations ^^

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