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Tripple bottom/Descending triangle/Bear flag ?

Hello Traders,

here are my analyses for bitcoin and next days

We got 3 patterns who can be valid

1. Tripple bottom Yellow line

We maby got a tripple bottom with the neckline at 46800-47000, we have a breakout, but we take it back, and the pattern is stil valid.
If price stay around 47 so we have 70 % chance to continuing the bull run, we need break the yellow resistance have a chance to go to 53 and maby go up after that

2. Descending triangle Pink line

We are maby in a descending triangle, as you see the support is lower at 46K, if price stay around this, with this pattern we got 46% chance to breakout to north.

3. Bear Flag blue line

If the price go to 44000 - 45000 or below and rebond on the blue line, we are probably in a bear flag, i dont have the statistics for this, but that will become harder to save the situation.

4. M pattern

If we go to 42 for complete the M pattern in red, and if the price stop we can have a rebond here, but that's will take some time to come back to the top and that's will maby close the bull run

If the price go down to 42, this will be realy hard, 30K, 20k ?

Hope we are in the 1 pattern !

Have a nice days and holidays

This is not a trading advice
Red M and blue M are not representative for time in this graph, juste to have an idear of the price :)
To complete :

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