#Bitcoin PEPE the frog pattern...#BTC will be back to 6K

This market really doesn't look good. PEPE the frog pattern is a very powerful pattern that bring back BTC to 6K...Hahaha

Joke aside, you can see the double top in Daily and also the multiple daily divergence on the RSI . So for now the momentum is clearly bearish .
There might be some relief rally, kind of scam wick to make you think it will go higher and take a leverage long and then the whales will tank it.

I'm joking when I said 6K for those who didn't get it. But I think we can go back to 21K something like that like I said before. And if the bear really gaining total control, we can even go lower as 17500$ (this is a low probability target but it might happen) Anything lower than that is really not possible right now imo.

But when I look at different TF, I see many double top and Head and shoulders patterns and some other bearish pattern so be really careful and really expect fuckery and high volatility from this market. Whales and Apes are fighting hard right now.

Also it seems the #XRP news did affect the entire market and bring much more uncertainity than expected. So in the very short term it was good for BTC to get a kind of scam pump yesterday. But now in the mid term, it seems it makes many trader and investor turn bearish ...

Don't get me wrong, we are still in a bull market. But the short term is bearish now before we get a crazy pump again

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