Feb 21 update

News talks about the failed cooperation on Hercules Project, aimed at scinding EDF between multiples entities in a new financial structure.

The European Commission is the only one actually wanting to break EDF monopoly when the opposition ~french politics, historics syndicts, silent majority(?), show that since C.E. act on EDF on behalf of consummers, energy price have gone much higher and services deteriored
Est ce que l'on veut pour notre Électricien bleu ?

Time will tell how that will end.
Let's stick to the chart.

The Stock failed to reclaim 14€ target late 2020 and is now breaking out from an ascending broadening wedge .
Next floor 8.53 where we may bounce - or not -, re-enter the massive multiyears bullish wolfwave would delay for at least some month if not years any bright days for the stock.
Going sub 5€ would completely destroy any near bullmarket. We'll see.

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