Evolution of Ethereum USD on a Elliott Wave perpective

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There's a few précisions to be made here.
First I am not an Elliott Wave Expert and I may have made a few mistakes but I tried to follow the rules, and the right use of Fibonnacci and statistics of expected behavior.
We would still be on a wave 1 impulsive of this big bull run starting in march.
I tried to answer where this 1 could end.
Concerning subwaves, we would be at the end of a subwave 4 and starting a 5 right now.
There's two scenarii, one with an extension in the 3 bringing Eth to around 10000 $ at the end of this big wave 1, as showed in green.
Another scenario, more cautious, would be to think the 3 will be shorter and that we would end around 6300 $ as showed in yellow.

Let me know if it is a credible unfolding for you guys,
And of course this is not an investment advice.
All the best,
Jim from France.
A nice point of entry, or recharge, if not yet done, would be of course the bottom of the big 2 after touching 1050 $, if the correction appears to be a clear zig zag in ABC and then back up (even better if the little 1 after C is made in a shorter time than the C).
And of course this is not an investment advice.
Be patient (this in an investment advice).

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