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FX:EURUSD   Euro / Dollar Américain
Hey guys, back again after some vacation (because trading pays off lol), here we have a really "long term" opportunity on this pair that all of us know.
We saw on the chart (on the monthly timeframe ) that the trend on the market is a downtrend, so it's a well-known confirmation.
We have 2 important levels that are getting rejected on the lowers time frame, there are a support zone and the important resistance that makes us believe that the market will shoot down this month.
We can see too that the RSI is pretty high, roaming around 60-70, it's another sign that the market is highly bought and seller will come over to ride the market.
I have placed some multiples TP's to secure profits when there are some risks of reversal, you can get out when you feel it. If you see this message and you want to enter the trade wait for a small retest, so you secure your money.
The stop loss is in a secure place like always, above the precedent high.
Remember to trail your stop loss when it hits some TP's, place them above it!
Thank you, please like and follow me for more analysis!
(If you read this message and you want to enter the trade wait for a small retest, so you secure your money and not losing it.)
Transaction en cours: Hey guys, back with some updates, you should look closely at the pair the coming week.
We are for the moment in profit (about 30 pips).
I'm holding it for the month, remember it's a big trade.
It will probably be a dropping week, I advise all to take this opportunity, there is some money to make :)
Have a good end of the week.
Commentaire: Good afternoon guys, I hope you got in the trade, it's a really good opportunity !
We are currently in good profit, we have to wait because sometimes the market is retracing a little bit !
Don't be scared and be patient !
If you reach the 100 pips mark of profit you can choose to get out of the trade !
If you are more patient trail your stop loss above the first down wave so you can secure the Bag !
Have a good week :)
Commentaire: Good morning, I hope you are still in the trade :)
As we said last week we had the dropping week that made us in profit for about 200 pips. But in my opinion, this week will be a retracing one.
Don't panic if you see your profit slowly decreasing! It's normal :D
Trail your stop loss to break even if you have a small account, so you don't lose anything :)
Have a good week! Stay safe
Commentaire: Hello back guys, we have some great news, the trade is going in our direction ! After the range of the last week we are having the drop that we all waited for $$ Currently swimming in profit we are at 250 pips on the green :)
The next weeks will likely be a correction of the dropping week that we are witnessing, for those who don’t want to risk it, just close tomorrow and get your money !
For those like me, be patient, more profits are on the way !
Thank you for following and supporting.
Have a great week-end
Trade fermée manuellement: I hit my target of 200 pips, getting out of the trade but potentially get back on for another sell if thereis a good opportunity
Transaction en cours: Hello all; got back on another trade because there was a retest last week; we hit so far TP 1.
I will maintain the trade for another week, I'm switching pairs soon!
Thanks for liking and following!
Trade fermée: cible de profit atteinte: Hello, after a year of surfing on the wave I finnaly closed this trade.
I went for swing trades to maximise the profit.
Thank you for all the likes :)
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