Training Week 1 - Day 2 : Highs & Lows

FX:GBPUSD   Livre sterling / Dollar américain
Day 2 on my journey : "read the market"
Today on , 1H Charts
Objective was to watch the market and try to identify Daily level Highs & Lows

Thats what i'm going to do all this week
Take my time , and try to "decrypt" all of this

what i see on this chart ?
Daily Highs and Lows are easy to identify and a daily downtrend can be observed. BUT some interrogation remains

Day -3 & -2 have really close Highs & Lows
Day -2 have Higher High than D-3 (wick) , can i considere this is liquidity purge of D-3 by the D-2 high ?
Day -2 and D-3 have clean equal Lows , i can guess there is a liquidity pool around here with some stop loss under the D-2 & D-3 low level

What i can see right now is that D-1 High hasn't been tested and D-1 Low has been broken

In this scenario i imagine , D-2 take D-3 liquidity pool then a strong downward movement begin these last 2 days

Training diary
29/09/2021 - 11:43 NY time (gmt+4)

thank you for your reading
please know that your feedback is greatly appreciated and we can talk about these NOOB observations ^^

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