Ravencoin - On road to ~3400 sats ?

BITTREX:RVNBTC   RavenCoin / Bitcoin
According previous moves of that little boy : Golden cross, +340%, followed by a death cross, -60% : then golden cross +420% , followed by a death cross retracing at -68%

We can see that MA50 acts as a resistance when RVN is bearish and acts as a strong support when RVN is bullish .

Since a few days, we are back upper the MA50 which could be a decent buying signal.

It seems another powerful wave is coming, which should bring it at 3k+ sats if the 400% pump happens back. It also weirdly coincides with the 2,168 fib

I think that golden cross could be the start of another powerful bullish wave. I don't know when it will happen exactly but it could be a great buying signal.
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