SIA COIN - Closer look on what SIA is doing right now!

KRAKEN:SCEUR   Siacoin / Euro
Sia Coin, trading just above a historical resistance now acting as support, is in an accumulation phase right now. We have to wait for the ascending triangle pattern to complete and wait for a break up and retest to the upside of the

pattern to get into a long trade. Next price target sitting at the top

of the channel at 0,023 dollars approximately. I'll try to make an update once or twice every week. Altcoin month already there and Altcoin season just around the corner!

I am sharing my ideas for information purposes. Do not take it as a financial advice! Let me know what you are thinking right now guys on the SIA Coin.

What are your thoughts? It would be nice to have some feedbacks about it so I continue to post more content!

Check out my first idea on SIA COIN. Next move coming soon! You better be prepared!

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