Teleperformance : Bubble about to pop.

Ladies and gentlemen, i'm trying a new format here. Please let me know what you think about it.

What is Teleperformance ?

Teleperformance is an omnichannel company headquartered in France. Company revenue totaled US$5.258 billion in 2018. The action outperforms most of the french assets during the last 8 years with an increase of more than 1200%.

Type of trade : Reversal.
Type of market : irrational (bubble).

My view :
People who follow me know something : "Trees don't grow to the sky".And i'm the woodcutter.
The chart has make a nice parabolic structure which is about to end. Let the crash begin.

Stop-loss : Over/= 221.

Please tel me in the comment section which asset you would see me to analyse.

DISCLAIMER : I'm not financial advisor. You trade at your own risk.
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Trade fermée: ordre d’arrêt atteint: Stop-loss hit since some time. I'm closing the trade.