XMR cryptocurrency Monero Update

Haven't posted in a while. My last predictions were not perfectly accurate. I expected the run up earlier.
Right now, it is hard to do TA on Monero and cryptos in general. Lots of variable like mass printing money from governments and BTC rocketship.
We are in rarely seen territory.

One thing for sure is that Monero has organic growth in transaction volume. It is positive.
Current resistance 280 ish
Current support 200 ish

It is hard to do a prediction, I expect side ways between 200-280 for a small while and maybe a breakout sooner or later.
Cryptos are here to stay and Monero is basically digital money. It seems essential to have such tool for the people considering the growth of mass surveillance.

Conflict between Hold/Buy because I hate to buy when price is high, but knowing cryptos, it could very well breakout unexpectedly.
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