RSI Div at Daily VWAP StDev

Mean Reversion indicator based on RSI Divergences at Overbought/Oversold conditions with Price above/below a Standard Deviation from Daily VWAP . Useful for intra-day trading.

Signal criteria:
1. RSI is at Overbought/Oversold
2. RSI Divergence present (not hidden)
3. RSI has not reached Neutral level (i.e. 50)
4. Price has crossed above/below a Standard Deviation from Daily VWAP

Config Options:
- RSI length (default:14)
- Divergence Lookback Period (default:14)
- RSI Oversold/Overbought tresholds (default: 70/30)
- RSI Reset Level (default: 55/45)
- Use VWAP Std Dev (default: yes)
- Standard Deviation from Daily VWAP (default: 1.51)

Use with discretion.
Notes de version: Fixed filtering of divs under RSI Overbought/Oversold
Notes de version: Can choose Indicator Time Frame
Notes de version: fix reset when crossing neutral level
Notes de version: Fixes identification of divergences when 2nd SH/SL on RSI is not at extremes, as it is still a valid divergence.
Notes de version: bugfix: some bearish divergences where detected below overbought
Script open-source

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Can this indicator spot rsi divergence on the time it takes place. Or only after?
crypto_rife danieltholenaars
@danieltholenaars, it will print it as soon as its present, but it is not confirmed until the candle closes. In other words, you might see it show up and disappear as the candle moves.
interesting signal, seems to suit conditions right now quite well, what time frame you using it on?
crypto_rife tommytoan11
@tommytoan11, i use it on every time frame tbh
how can i set alert on the signal on all currency pairs each time it appears?
crypto_rife garcle3205
@garcle3205, you would have to set an alert on each pair and each tf
hi, thanks for very useful script. I have one question: does this work on higher time frame (daily and higher)? Seems like it's using session VWAP so I think not. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks again.
crypto_rife translucent07
@translucent07, it works on HTFs also, given that divergences always occur at the session extremes on HTFs. You can disable the use of Session VWAP, but you'll see it does not affect its behavior on HTFs Daily and above.
crypto_rife OguzhanTuncay
@OguzhanTuncay, shouldn't be an issue. You must wait for candles to close, and for the subsequent candle(s) to show signs of reversal. What happens on the real-time data is not important for the signal. It will be drawn, but don't take it as a confirmed signal until it has closed.