a new way to draw bars.
Notes de version: added a few options.
show_hourglass: will show a extra line from higher resolution open to close.
show_start: will draw a circle plot over the higher resolution time break(start||end).
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@RicardoSantos, amazingly brilliant, cleverly diabolical eccentricity, freakishly great heuristical ingeniousness, juxtaposed klines levitating magnificently nonrestricted, orchestrations producing quintessentially radiant superstructures tenaciously, underlying veritable worthiness yielding xenological zigzags 7
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@allanster, lollllllllllllllllll haha
Thank you so much RicardoSantos =D
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hello, its working like a zigzag? Can you explain how to use it, thanks a lot!
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@genkir, its like ohlc data, but the high/low are mapped to correct point in time, allows to see if high or low comes first and the speed each fraction(open >> first high or low >> inverse high or low >> close ) takes
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genkir RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, Thank you! The picture is more clear now.
Thank you :)
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See the Obtuse triangle drawn by this script in action:

I really appreciate your work, man! For making this script available to the public, you're such a generous coder!!
I spotted this Obtuse triangle drawn by this script on the BTC Daily chart, and I was thrilled that BTC traded within this pattern from 01 Jan - 02 Aug. 2020. This script was able to predict the local low in BTC in March and of course the local top now in August.
If this local top actually holds, I will be in a total agreement with @Daveatt when he said "this script is sorcery"!
The question arising is, was this pattern already drawn ahead of time and remains static or it's something that changes with price action over time until it finally arrived at this pattern?

This script is sorcery. Genius
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