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Everyone likes RSI for its fast and no lag response to prices, but of course this brings its own inconvenience, RSI is ofter harsh and hard to filter when it's noisy. There's also a lot of people that like MACD, that's the opposite, this one uses averaging to smooth things ! Of course the result is clean but this is at the big cost of excessive lag introduction.. MACD is alway too late ! I wanted to have somthing right in the middle... no to harsh and not too laggy.. Here comes PRO Momentum's exclusive formula. But no worries if you're into RSI you'll be able to use it anyway !
Cause the heart of this indicator is not just its formula.. its more about the core algorythm that reads it and trigger out signals. Of course this algorithm is way more complicated than just searching for overbought/oversold or divergences like most others will.
This one is also (as Sinewave) the result of 3 years of fine tuning and the filter algorithm is almost 500 codelines of complex conditions ! This is nearly a built-in strategy in itself.
The indicator is not just giving buy/sell signals, it also detects two additional, and very important informations about momentum :
  • Overbough/Oversold conditions (highlighted on specific bars not like a simple Stochastic would do when its above 80 or below 20)...
  • Overload conditions which is slightly different from overbough/sold. Its actually the precise point where the momentum is reaching exhaustion and is likely to reverse at short term, or it will need to take stops in order to continue. That second part is really important. Cause Overloads will be key momentum level where two different things can happen. Market can eitherl fail and probably return to previous supports/resistances, or, market succeed to break a key level to chase stops above it. Having these signals on chart is really lifesaving sometimes ! Specially to assess the potential risk of false breakouts.

Aside from PRO Momentum itself, there also another important thing to talk about, it's the Sinewave/Momentum integration. That's a very nice couple out there ! One filling the gaps of the other. Of cource cycle analysis an momentum tend to give signals with the same timing, but their sources are totally uncorrelated wich makes them cumulative. Not like adding a stochastic to an RSI which are basically two different calculation of the same thing ! The quick exemple above shows very well how the couple can work using Sinewave's rules and strategy and simply adding a Momentum layer there to help confirming (or contradict sometimes) the signals.

Allright folks ! Hope I caught your interest with these indicators !
Don't hesitate to comment as well if you have any question suggestion or review to shar
Notes de version:
****** MAJOR UPDATE ******
introducing :

You now have everything needed to take the best out of these indicators !
Notes de version:
Added a few new conditions and removed the BREAK signals (feedback tend to tell that people were confiused by this signal).
Also added a visual text message to signal if current bar is overbought/sold another option does the same for Overloads (you can turn this feature off via the settings).
Darj version should be released soon for those who use the TradingView's dark theme !
Check my profile's script folder to find them.
Notes de version:
Notes de version:
Changed the display of Overload Signals to gray dots... I'll update the PDF Manual in early 2018.
Notes de version:
Added the signal detection algorithm ! You'll now see a message saying "BEAR SIGNAL" or "BULL SIGNAL" on momentum when there is confirmation. Use these signals to confirm Sinewave signals ;)
It's just easier for you now cause the algo is doing the interpretation job for you ! Right now on Momentum you'll have a simple reading !
Bull confirmation, Bear confirmation, no confirmation ! Can't make it easier !
Notes de version:
Minor changes !
Notes de version:
Small bug corrected
Notes de version:
- Added quite some new patterns
- Improved the Overbough/Oversold/Overload detection
- Removed some alerts that were useless since the last TradingView update of their alert system...
(now you can choose to trigger alerts at bar close so use this to have confirmed signals)
Notes de version:
Minor update (a few new patterns added)
Notes de version:
minor bug correction
Notes de version:
minor update : one new bull/bear pattern added.
Notes de version:
added one more BULL/BEAR pattern
Notes de version:
Corrected the "no depth at index" error on LTCUSD charts
Notes de version:
added a TP pattern.
Notes de version:
Added one new bull/bear pattern.
Notes de version:
Added one TP pattern
Notes de version:
Added one more TP pattern & corrected a bug on a BULL/BEAR pattern
Notes de version:
Added an Exit pattern
Notes de version:
This one comes along the release of PRO Framework indicator.
The Strategy application will be reviewed and simplified to help user learn faster how to properly use those tools !
The website will be updated soon as well.
Users will also soon be notified via Email when the overall update process will be dealt with and that the new video tutorial content will be done.
Notes de version:
Minor Update (v1.6) :
Standard Divergence will now be colored gray instead of blue/red. As these signals require visual confirmation and remain risky to trade for reversals.
(Hidden Divergences will remain colored blue/red)

There is now a dummy signal output available to trigger alerts on Sinewave + Momentum trading signals.
This output is called "Signals...". Select this output on the alert tab and use trigger condition greater than set with 0 as value for bull alerts / less than 0 for bearish ones.
Notes de version:
Removed the Alert output.
To create on Sinewave + Momentum OK signals you now have a specified alert.
On the Alert window, select PRO Momentum as input, then among the trigger conditions, you should find "BULL OK" and "BEAR OK" on top of the list. These two conditions will trigger when both the Momentum & Sinewave are displaying OK signals to buy. Simply select the desired trigger option for the alert and you're done !
Notes de version:
minor update v1.8 : (variable optimisation)
Notes de version:
*** Minor Update *** (v1.9)
- Updated to support use of the seconds timeframe based charts
- Added two new built-in alerts :
> Reversal Signal Alerts (when TP or EXIT signals trigger with a Sinewave cycle confirmation)
> Trend Signal Alerts (when BULL/BEAR and colored DIV signals trigger with a Sinewave cycle confirmation)
This was a user request but this feature is for experienced traders only. Remember that you must never read the Momentum prior to your context identification and price filtering !!! If you dare trading a signal just by itself... you'll be dead sooner or later.
Notes de version:
*** MAJOR UPDATE *** (v2.0)
Now fully supporting the pine script V4.0.
Added two new EXIT patterns
Fixed an issue with alerts on "Reversal Patterns"
Notes de version:
*** Compatibility Update ***
Fixed the bug from latest tradingview update.
Nothing has changed on the indicator itself.
Notes de version:
*** MINOR UPDATE *** (v2.1)
Updated a few patterns (shouldn't make a significant difference for previous signals)
Notes de version:
*** MAJOR UPDATE *** (v5.0)
Now fully supporting the pine script V5.0.
Added support for DARK THEME (option has to be turned on via the settings)
Added an option to display the current momentum value as a digit (option can be turned off via settings)
Notes de version:
*** MAJOR UPDATE *** (v5.2)
Introducing the "Level Progression" system. When the indicator is first plotted it will ask you to choose your current level with the strategy. The indicator will then display only the relevant pieces. This is meant to make the indicator adaptive as you progress with the different contexts (range, trend, volatility).

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