Generalized SSL by Vts

// Generalized SSL:
// This is the very first time the SSL indicator, whose acronym I ignore, is on Tradingview.
// It is based on moving averages of the highs and lows.
// Similar channel indicators can be found, whereas
// this one implements the persistency inside the channel, which is rather tricky.
// The green line is the base line which decides entries and exits, possibly with trailing stops.
// With respect to the original version, here one can play with different moving averages.
// The default settings are (10, SMA )
// Vitelot/Yanez/Vts March 2019

Mar 28
Notes de version: Corrected constant behavior when close is inside channel
Apr 27
Notes de version: // April 2019: added coloured cloud (red=bearish, green=bullish)
Sep 04
Notes de version: September 2019: increased number of MA available; converted to Pine V4
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sir very very good indicator, I Request you to please add candle color as per buy sell signal GREEN Candle and RED candle for better trading experience
This is awesome! Any chance you would be willing to add KAMA and JMA to the MA types that one can select from? Thanks!!
vitelot blakester1111
@blakester1111, thanks. Yep, may be in the near future I'll add them. I'm not sure I'm allowed to reproduce the Jurik MA since there's a sort of copyright on it.
is there anyway you can make this colour barsaswell Pls
biskit187 biskit187
@biskit187, it's all good figured it out
Great job man! Thanks :) Here is the strategy with backtest date range and trailing stop / stop-loss:
Much appreciation from the NoNonsenseForex clan!!!
+4 Répondre
vitelot NaturalTrader
@NaturalTrader, It's a pleasure.
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