Directional Movement Oscillator (DMI)

The DMI Oscillator is a technical indicator which uses values of DMI in order to predict miscellaneous sides of market behavior.

Two components of DMI are used in calculation: DI+ and DI-; the DMI oscillator calculates the difference between these components and represents it as both a line and a histogram.

According to the rules described by Barbara Star in her article "The DMI Stochastic", the following market conditions can be predicted:

When the oscillator is positive and decreasing, a consolidation or pullback might take place. When price is in uptrend and the oscillator is positive but makes lower highs, a bearish divergence might be identified.

Conversely, when price is in downtrend and the oscillator is negative but keeps moving up, a bullish divergence might take place.

Trend continuation might be identified when the oscillator moves to the zero line and then rebounds from it.

In quiet markets, oscillator values fluctuating near the zero line (approx. -10 to +10 range) might signify sideways or rangebound price action.
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i like this better than the default DMI... makes interpreting just a tad bit easier. thanks!
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