Reset Every (Price)

Someone requested a high/low price indicator that would reset the "remembered" prices daily. I started out doing just that, and then decided to make it much more configurable.

Choose the units (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) and the number of those units, and this will reset the highest/lowest value remembered to the current values on your chosen time interval.

This should work with any time interval you desire, within reason...asking for resets every 4000 hours on a monthly chart will probably not work.

GE , monthly, every 7 months:

Ford, weekly, every 18 months:

Dow Jones Industrial Average , weekly, every 90 days:

LTCBTC , daily, every 10 days:

ETHUSD , 30 minutes, every 10 days:

BTCUSD , 1 minute, every 10 hours:

EURUSD , 1 minute, every 50 minutes:

Also, I am about to publish another version of this with just one source input that can be applied to any indicator...stay tuned!
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How to display just on one time frame..? for exanple Support And Resistance Levels Weekly just display on 4H..? Not any time frame... Thank you
Lemrin tahukentucky
Hi @tahukentucky, thanks for the comment. It turns out there was a bug in the is_weekly() function, which I have corrected. You should see it just as soon as my hotel's connection starts cooperating again.
Lemrin Lemrin
I can't get my the archaic browser on my corporate laptop, this hotel's throttled WiFi, and the TV publishing system to play nicely together. For now, please add an extra set of parentheses inside the is_newweek()

is_newweek() =>
if ismonthly
change(dayofweek) and (dayofweek==week_start?monday:sunday)?1:0

is_newweek() =>
if ismonthly
change(dayofweek) and (dayofweek==(week_start?monday:sunday))?1:0
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