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HOWTO Get Earnings in Pine Script
Notes de version: Using tickerid function is better
Notes de version: Added an input showing how to get dividends and splits
Notes de version: Set lookahead param of security function to "on". Read more about it here
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I want to use your script, but I get an error.
It says that the error is due to ESD. -_-;;
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Thank you! Great work. Just wondering do you think there is a way to plot information from external source such as publically available economic calenders ( or central bank releases ( I came across today that using tradingview has addtional function (see link: At the end I would like for example to have a script which would display let us say all FOMC meetings on the chart.
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Hey @vitvlkv

Thanks very much for this code. I'm trying to divide the current quarter by the same quarter's earning in the year previous (so divide the current EPS by the EPS 4 quarters ago).

I can't figure out how to do this because when referencing c or c or c etc this fetches the previous period value, instead of the previous earnings value.

My programming skills aren't sharp enough to figure out how to do this - would you be able to help please?

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Ziggurat21 jamiespips
@jamiespips, did you ever figure this out? I also want to calculate % increase/decrease in earnings based on same quarter of last year?
Cannot work, it keeps on showing STUDY ERROR
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I am getting error shows error in ESD? request if you can share if there is any changes required in esd? not able to figure out the issue!
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The reason I ask is I have never seen a charting service that plots the dividend yield on the price graph , this would really be great for visual references for value hunters looking at charts
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andkii Prober7314
@Prober7314, if you havent found it yet, check out Free platform, and you can chart all sorts of macro/financials right on a price chart
How would you plot the dividend yield for all stocks when viewing for various for set standards, for example looking at apple , I would like to plot 4 yield variable as line markers for the following,2%,3%,4% and so on as reference to price action
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Can i get this script for angular ?
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