ThunderLight by ThunderTrader

description is provided by DM
Notes de version: Add ThunderRainbow
Reduce Noises
Notes de version: Update Chart and disable some settings
Notes de version: Release Notes: Added custom notifications for Tradingview Alert Strategy:
Alert Hidden Supply Small
Alert Hidden Supply Big
Alert Hidden Demand Small
Alert Hidden Demand Big
Alert Thunder Small
Alert Thunder Big
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Hey, thank you for the script.
But authorization is required. How is to get that one?
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1. ThunderTrader (Sultan Thunder) - Indicator to track invisible: Supply, Demand, Accumulation, Reversal Trend, Price Contribution

2. Thunder Light (Blue) or Consolidation Tracker is indicator to calculate consolidation strength, as higher as the strength index, then probability for uptrend or rally is convinced. BUT not all spikes can be followed as instance or flash pump, some alt coins can prepare for pump or rally but if btc jump or drop, the consolidation can be failed.

3. Thunder (Invisible) Rainbow or Commodity Tracker is indicator to analys and estimate early indication for a market for prepared to downtrend or uptrend.
Red spike is invisible supply for stronger sell pressure, this is indication for downtrend
Blue spike is invisible demand for stronger buy pressure, this is indication for uptrend
Yellow spike is invisible supply and demand with tight strength, this is indication for instant uptrend and followed with correction
Gray spike is invisible accumulation, this is indication for sideway

4. Thunder Worm or Worm Trend is a Price Reversal indicator with early stage transition notification for price changes. Red is correction and Green is recovery

5. Thunder Cloud or Cloud Trend is a session market like worm trend but with longer periode. Red is correction and Green is recovery
Do you offer a trial period?
If you want try indicator please check tutorial here or join our telegram for PDF tutorial

thanks bro
amazing ideas and script work awesome
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