Inside Bar Visualizer PineV4

I didn't find a study for Inside bar as I wanted. Therefore I wrote a one with PineV4. This may help you to see inside bars.
It can recalculate and works with either (opens-closes) or (highs-lows)
Cheers! :)
Notes de version: +Main and inside bar different calculation
Notes de version: + Default settings fixed
Notes de version: Settings panel now has followings
+ New Heiken-Ashi Candle stick calculation method.
+ Min/Max inside bar count
+ Main bar colorized as black
Notes de version: - Min/Max inside bar count removed for remastering
Notes de version: + On request Min/Max inside bar counts again with us
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I cant check the messages here, so please send me pm for your easy-to-handle requests :)
HI OnurSelcuk, I try ti incorporate this awesome indicator to pro real time but i don´t know, doens´t works correctly, can you hlep me to configurate thanks.
this as MTF version would be nice!
Awesome work. It helps me a lot. Thanks bro.
Great stuff! Is there a way to rewrite the code or make adjustments so that the blue horizontal line plots the high/low of the mother bar rather than the open/close of it?
Excellent work, very useful.
Was hoping that you would be able to double the number of zones both with independent time frames that can be changed individually, so that I could have 1 set of lines for the 6 Hour and the other for the 1 Hour for example.
Really great code. Appreciate your work!
OnurSelcuk ThansonStevens
@ThansonStevens, many thanks :)

Is there a way to make this Visualizer an automated trading strategy? thanks!
@sal, Hi Salah, strategy version of this script is now published
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