AMT: Gamma Levels Plotter

AMT: Custom Levels Plotter Indicator

This indicator is designed to allow users to directly visualize custom price levels and their associated labels on a trading chart by copying and pasting data from the Gamma spreadsheet.

Features and Functionalities:

Direct Input from Gamma Spreadsheet:
Users can effortlessly copy rows of data from the Gamma spreadsheet and paste them into the indicator's input field. Each row should represent a price level followed by a tab (\t) and its associated label. There's no need for any adjustments or formatting changes; the indicator handles it all.

Label Size Selection:
A dropdown menu lets users select the desired size for the labels. Options include "Tiny", "Small", "Normal", and "Large".

Merge Levels Option:
A checkbox determines if labels for identical price levels should be merged. When activated, labels for the same price will consolidate; otherwise, they'll display individually.

Dynamic Visualization:
A horizontal line represents the specified price level on the chart.
An adjacent label displays the associated text.
If the "Merge Levels" option is active and there are multiple labels for the same price, they merge into one.

Automatic Cleanup:
The script automatically removes all previously plotted lines and labels before drawing the new set. This ensures the chart only displays the most recent set of levels and remains uncluttered.

Efficient Data Handling:
The indicator uses the levels and counts arrays to track unique price levels and their counts. This aids in accurately positioning labels, especially when merging is enabled.

Debugging Feature:
For diagnostic purposes, the indicator plots the size of the levels array. This helps monitor the array's growth and ensures it remains within expected limits.

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