MY:Trading Sessions

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This indicator shows a panel to display the time state for the following Markets :
• Sydney
• Tokyo
• Berlin
• London
• New York

Each market has 2 states, opened or closed. The countdown next to the label is the time left to the current state.
Once a Market is open, its label is surrounded by << .. >>

For example << Sydney Close in 0h:58m:30s >> or New York Open in 3h:30min:26s

1 — In purple you will see the progress of Sydney Market
2 — In Yellow you will see the progress of Tokyo Market
3 — In Blue you will see the progress of Berlin Market
4 — In Green you will see the progress of London Market
5 — In Red you will see the progress of New York Market

Alerts are available to notify you when a market is about (5min) to close or open.
To create an alert
• Open your chart
• Right click on the chart window
• Add Alerts for...
• Condition: chose My:Trading Session - Berlin Close in 5min (For example)
• Options : Once per bar
• (OPTIONAL) update the title and description
• Validate

Due to pine script limitations, The script (countdown) only works properly on time frames 240min (4H) and below.

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