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This indicator places BUY and SELL tags on the chart using the Trader's Dynamic Index Indicator created by Dan Malone. This indicator is RSI based and is best used with ranging markets and will tend to create a trail of false signals (colored tags) when price is at it's extremes for a long period of time. Utlizing some other indicator such as a volume based one will assist in optimizing signals.
I have used this indicator with success for a few years, however I do not plan to support users of this indicator. It is offered as-is.

I use this indicator for:
  • Counter Trend Trading (colored tags)
  • Detecting Best Entries to Follow Trend (gray tags)
  • Trading Extreme Overbought/Oversold Price Areas ( bright colored tags)
  • Detecting RSI Divergences (circles)

Custom Timeframe - Default current chart timeframe. Custom selection only works when selecting a smaller timeframe than what is on the chart.
Lengthrsi - RSI Period
Lengthband - TDI Band Length
Lengthrsipl - TDI Price Line Length
Lengthtradesl - TDI Signal Line Length

There are 5 Built-In Notifications already created for you and are available by simply right clicking in the indicator area and selecting:

Condition: TDI Alerts v1

Then 1 of the 5 Alerts:
BUY Signal - All Green colored tags
SELL Signal - All Red colored tags
Gray BUY signal - All Gray BUY tags
Gray SELL signal - All Gray SELL tags
All Signals - All colored and gray tags

This adaptation was based off of the original code from the talented LazyBear.

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