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The “Time and Sales” (Tape) indicator generates trade data, including time, direction, price, and volume for each executed trade on an exchange. This information is typically delivered in real-time on a tick-by-tick basis or lower timeframe, providing insights into the traded size for a specific security.


▋ Volume Dynamic Scale Bar:
It's a way for determining dominance on the time and sales table, depending on the selected length (number of rows), indicating whether buyers or sellers are in control in selected length.

#Section One: Table Settings

#Section Two: Technical Settings
(1) Implement By: Retrieve data by
  (1A) Lower Timeframe: Fetch data from the selected lower timeframe.
  (1B) Live Tick: Fetch data in real-time on a tick-by-tick basis, capturing data as soon as it's observed by the system.
(2) Length (Number of Rows): User able to select number of rows.
(3) Size Type: Volume OR Price Volume.

The values in a table should not be taken as a major concept to build a trading decision.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Notes de version:

  • Improved iteration; now it should work fine with a high timeframe.
  • Amended the Dynamic Volume Bar.
  • Added total up & down volume.
Notes de version:
The bug corresponding to the new bar is fixed.
Notes de version:
  • Amended "Live Tick" mode iteration. It should be faster.
  • Improved the coloring and styling.
  • Added table border.
  • Reorganized the indicator settings.
Notes de version:
Number of digits updated for values

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