RSI Divergences + Bollinger Bands


Here's the RSI divergences with Bollingers bands.


5 features

1 — RSI
2 — Bollinger bands
3 — RSI signal is in another color when above 70 or below 30
4 — Looking for previous Divergences, Bullish , Bearish and Hidden Bullish and Bearish but I don't like Hidden divergences
5 — Color fill when overbuy or oversold


I like to see it like a moutain, with snow on top and lake on bottom. I think you don't want to start walking at the top, nor sink to the bottom of the lake for ever and ever.

It is an idea of sjoerd, tip him if you like it.

An oscillator is good to know where we are in the trends, but it's not enough to run a small business of trading, you need to learn how to use it.
What is a divergence ?

Thanks to The rational investor for teaching me how to use this indicator.

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