UvRSI (Ultra-violent RSI) is my first and most used script, it all started from here, both my trading and coding career and it is now available to the public for free.

This indicator is an hybrid indicator that (as suggested by the name) is mostly based on RSI, even if is a modified version of it.

I made this indicator once I seen multiple correlation between RSI and Stochastic RSI and I started using the basic indicators to trade.

But I wasn't satisfied by both, I think I could have a better hedge by removing some noise around, even if when you launch it it's like hyper "dirty*, stick around, because you can pretty modify anything in it.

What you see here is the hybrid RSI/Stock RSI version
The green/red line is representing the RSI, it changes from green to red given by a WMA calculation on the RSI itself
The dots you seen is where the StochRSI crossed, bullish or bearish
The purple background represent the actual Stoch RSI line, that I decided to keep plotted not in a line version to not get confused with the RSI, it's also the less important info IMHO you can find here, since the dots you seen when a Stoch cross already represent where the cross happended by the shape of the dot. (diamond shape: stong cross, dot: normal cross, cross: not the best, yellow cross: weak)

If this seems confusing, and you want to stick to another background as an info, in setting enable "alpha rainbow waves" and you background will look like this:
Alpha waves is another indicator I developed that I was able to merge into UVRSI and I think is powerful.
Is a way to apply price action theories into the RSI itself
A green cloud will appear when the indicator is bullish, or red if is bearish, it let you see when the UvRSI is kinda of exhausted by plotting a yellow apex above or below the main cloud, indicating that we are out the most latest traded areas, it suggest a possible change of direction or trend.

The indicator includes settings to change anything from the RSI to the Cloud to the Stoch to the WMA used to adapt it to any style of tradin g you prefer, I did use it andI do still prefer it over the normal RSI we are all used to since IMHO I was able to archieve a cleaner version of possible signal given by the indicator
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